Himanshu Mishra

Himanshu Mishra is Co-Founder of High On SaaS, Trainer & a Marketing Professional with expertise in Lead Generation, SEO, Conversion Optimization.

I started my online career accidentally around 5 years back when I was figuring out ways to generate leads for my hyper-local food delivery business idea.

In a few months, I learned about building websites with WordPress to doing its Local SEO & run some basic campaigns of Facebook for lead generation.

Guess what happened next?

I ditched my previous business idea & started pitching people for these services through various Facebook groups & started acquiring clients.

This is how started my journey as a Digital Marketer.

Over the course of 5 years, I have worked with various small to funded startups & not only helped them generate traffic via SEO & Media Buying but also convert them into quality leads with a proper sales funnel.

I have also conducted seminars & workshops in colleges & helped students in starting their Digital Marketing Journey.

In High On SaaS, I try to cover saas news & stories along with Interview of SaaS Founders & Growth Hackers.

I also try to share all the things I have learned in the past & all the things I will learn along the way.