Top 10 SaaS Companies In USA

Software as service( SaaS) is an online application platform where anyone can access software without downloading/installing using the internet.

SaaS offer as software which allows to analyze and secure the company’s essential data. There are over 10,000 SaaS companies that provide online services to customers worldwide.

Here we are going to discuss the 10 most fast-growing international SaaS companies in USA based on capitalization and growth rate.


Salesforce is the most significant SaaS company in USA. The reason why Salesforce is in top place because it gives a single CRM (customer relationship management) platform including sales, market and services. The company provides 24/7 customer support to all the users in a faster and interactive way. This company does not take charge or any subscription to use their services, you need to log in, and you access what you want over the internet.

Market capitalization – 161.4


CEO- Marc Benioff

Headquarters- San Francisco, California, US

Founded- February 1999


ServiceNow is a workplace where you can get IT support, employee and customer workflow to drive their business. Around 6500, enterprise customer uses ServiceNow to enhance their digital transformation. There are other services such as telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare services newly added.

Market capitalization- 57.9


CEO- Bill McDermott

Headquarters- Santa Clara, California



It is the cloud or online ERP( Enterprise resource planning) software. They take part to support all types of industries, whether it may be a small or large organization. Various fast-growing companies used workday such as NETFLIX,, Airbnb, ARBELLA insurance group etc. 

Market capitalisation-41.3


CEO- Aneel Brusri

Headquarters- Pleasanton, California, US

Founded- March 2005


Square company helps to improve the selling process of a business even if the company is starting stage. They have a lot of selling tools to manage capital, team management, marketing. Customers can place the order online, via email or phone call, and they take care of the payment method as well.

Market capitalization- 30.1


CEO- Jack Dorsey

Headquarters- San Francisco, California, united states

Founded- February 2009

Veeva system

Veeva system is a saas company in USA providing healthcare support platform. They provide data, software commercial ecosystem services. It takes all the patients data and prescriber reports and makes it possible to release products to the market place.

This entire system is regulated by content management, customer relationship management, customer reference data, master data management and commercial data warehouse.

Market capitalization- 21.7


CEO- Peter Gassner

Headquarters- Pleasanton, California, US

Founded- 2007


Zoom is best used for video conferencing, online meeting, virtual training program, video webinar and build collaboration with other organizations. It has a robust security system (rubust security) setting for host and admin to avoid disturbing. There are some features pointed out ;

  • More than 1000 participants can attend the meeting, and 45-48 videos can share.
  • You can record the video with or without the cloud.
  • Easy to join the meeting with meeting ID and password.
  • A straightforward chat with participants and can add multiple files in the chatbox.

Market capitalisation-21.0


CEO- Eric yuan

Headquarters- San Jose, California, US

Founded- April 21, 2011

Paycom software

It is a single software for online payroll services. At Paycom, the payroll process is straightforward to use; their services are seamless and errorless so that the employees can get their payment on time and in a correct way.

This software allows employees to use that is they can enter data, update and manage HR so that they can real-time investment records.

Market capitalization- 17.0


CEO- Chad Rhichison 

Headquarters- Belmont, California

Founded- 1998


It is a multi-tasking saas company in USA with services like customers (account security, IVR intelligent chatbox, contact centre), marketing( Text, email marketing, lead alerts and call tracking) and operations (dispatch notification, account notification and an appointment reminder).

Market capitalization- 16.8


CEO- Jeff Lawson

Headquarters- Oklahoma City, OK, USA



It is a business communication platform with high-quality video and audio and very easy to use and manage.

Market capitalisation-16.3


CEO- Vlad Shmunis

Headquarters- San Francisco, United States

Founded- March 13, 2008


DocuSign is an electronic e-signature company that provides services such as access, sign and essential documents from any device. It already worked with services like Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Apple and a lot more.

Market Capitalization- 13.3


CEO- Vlad Shmunis

Headquarters- San Francisco, United States


All the above software applications provide multiple operational and seamless services where you can start your business and grow securely.

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