Top 10 Health & Fitness Tools of June 2020 (Roundup)

top health and fitness tools in july 2020

This time of pandemic is scary for all of us. Staying at home all day, eating all day with minimal exercise, I’m sure the earth will carry more weight on its shoulders than ever (Oops, sorry).

Why not in these hard times where everything is going down, let us all commit to stay healthy? It is not that hard to keep in shape in this lockdown.

All we need is a high-speed internet connection to load the below web pages quickly, and a minor will power to open the fitness regime and get started.

Here is the monthly roundup of Top 10 Health and Fitness websites to check this June 2020 to stay well. 

1) Gyroscope 

If you are into tracking every moment of your daily routine to improve your health, this is the best website you can get online. With features such as water intake tracker, calorie tracker, and sleep tracker, this website proves to be a top-notch choice for many people. 

Have an apple watch at your house? Wait for no further since this website works best with an apple watch by collecting the data from it, wait for no further visit this website and get tracking!

Website –

2) Kensho Health 

Are you skeptical about dieting? Do you think you have been more ill after taking that multivitamin pill by following that specific diet? You have come to the right place to get your answers.

Kensho Health is a website that emphasizes its scientifically proven way of living healthily, this website helps you find answers to all your doubts about health and fitness by interacting with you and suggesting better ways to live your life. 

Website –

3) Zero 

Want to see that span of your self-control? Do you think fasting is the newest trend you want to follow? Zero: a simple fasting website will accompany you on your journey to the wonderful land of fitness. This website creates personalized schedules for you to fast; you will have hundreds of diet plans to work with. Try everything and keep what’s best for you.

Website –

4) Curie 

We all have been there when it comes to bad posture before our personal computers, and it is time we step up and do something about it. Curie is a website that will help us with just that.

A bad posture will eventually bite you sometime in the future, so why not set it right when you can? This time you are with your PC log in to Curie and let it help you through this “C” posture of yours. 

Website –

5) MyFitnessPal 

You know you are having a fantastic start when over a million people are signing up for what this website has to offer. This website helps you track all your food intake, water intake, exercise, yoga, and sleep, so you have to make healthy choices every day.

With options to create your personalized diet and exercise plan to track your food and help you keep track of the calories you are eating, this website is the go-to site for many of us with a habit of eating when bored.

Website –

6) FitOn

FitOn is where you head if you are seeking for an actual free workout website that is free that has no other online purchases required. You will be able to access hundreds of workout plans across various regulations such as cardio, Zumba, and yoga. You can also concentrate on the specific body part or even build a personalized program to help you come closer to your fitness and your ambitions.

Even if you do not happen to have a defined set of a goal in mind, you will surely get to experiment with a lot of different types of workouts for free so that you can finally find the right match for you that will make your life moving fun.

Website –

7) Sworkit

Sworkit has a personal trainer on the go, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, this website will help you reach your full potential. While we do need a subscription to access all of the routines this website has to offer. Also, there are several free workouts to get started. All you require is to visit the website, set yourself a goal, know your training routine, and start exercising anywhere. 

This website makes its videos in such a way that we will not need any equipment at all so that you can add exercise to your day-to-day routine. And if you require an extra boost anytime, Sworkit has certified trainers with whom you can connect directly to head in the right direction. 

Website –

8) C25K

Want to run? Don’t know where to start? You have visited the right website. The C25K (Couch to 5K) website takes you to 5K from zero in just two months. 

By going for a jog just three times a week, half an hour a day, you can build a foundation to guide you during your first 5K finish line, or maybe even disciplining for your head marathon! And this website is available for free to use directly on your watch for the guided workouts everyone is looking for these days. 

Website –

9) Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

It is entirely predictable that Giam supported setting up this website for everyone to enhance their daily routine since it a one-stop destination for all your yoga needs. While using this website, you will discover that yoga and meditation are for all heights. But there is also the liberty to build your class and flow based on your involvement and accessibility of equipment if you are willing to give more time to it. 

Beginners can embrace the library of millions of yoga postures that are broken down into the most simple steps so that you can learn and have a richer leap into the benefits and importance of yoga in your course.

Webste –

10)The Real Food Dietitians

With the tagline “Eat well, live well, be well.” You are in the right place when you want to find reasonable solutions for your fitness. This website contains over a million recipes for the calories of your choice. The Real Food Dietitians also help you build a personalized diet for your fitness by combining over a thousand recipes each made right from scratch.

This is perfect when you are at home all day and have a tasty craving which can now be healthy.

Website –

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