SAAS stands for Software as a Service which offers software requirements to its client on the Internet. It generally provides a combination of servers, codes, databases along with the applications to its customers. Saas companies usually offer a flow of work across the globe.

It usually comes along the subscription, hosted in the cloud and can be accessed through any device.

As quoted by one of the great entrepreneurs

Founders are more motivated by the fear of looking bad than by the hope of getting millions of dollars

-Paul Graham, Co-founder, Y-combinator 

So here are top saas companies in London (UK) according to the latest search:-


Improbable is a multinational company that makes simulation software for video games and corporate firms. The company has created a massive Spatial OS, which enables the user and companies to interact with the virtual worlds for video games and corporates stimulation.

It is probably the top tech company that uses AI and its complicated tools in games and technology.

The company got established in late 2012 with a worth of 1.6 billion euros.

CEO: Herman Narula 
Headquarters: London
Founded: 15 April 2012


Rapyd is a financial company that offers a mobile platform for payments through a single API and supports over 300 alternative payments methods to its user with minimum efforts without much time consumption.

It is one of the most successful Saas company which offers its customers to pay their bills anytime at your pace. This company founded in late 2016.

Rapyd offers its customers to pay across any globe through net banking, digital transaction. The company is worth 312millon euros.

CEO: Arik Shtilman
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2016


Ve Global is a company which offers E-Commerce facilities to its customers to grow their audience, convert more customers, and optimize marketing spend. 

Their clients include Liverpool FC, Claire’s, Manchester Metropolitan Universite, HP, and Vodafone. The company founded in 2009 with an earning of 300 million euros.

CEO: Steve Clucas/David J. Brown
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Founded: 2009


Behavox is a company that enables its user to aggregate, analysis, and organize its data. One of the MNC which uses AI as its technology to make its company more secure and useful, calling it as “People Analytics “.

Behavox searches within deep inside the data, giving it a better look.

CEO: Erkin Adylo
Headquarters: New York, United States
Founded: 2014


Snyk is along with the top 10 security open-source application, which enables users to detect malicious activities and also from vulnerability third party.

It has authoritative fix advice and automation, which enables the user to provide high security and speed.

Synk is an application used by many MNC like Google, Microsoft.

The company came into existence by late 2015 with a worth of 218 million euros.

CEO: Peter McKay
Headquarters: Massachusetts

Founded: 2015


Netsparker is a client-based web application which enables its user with security-based tools. Generally, it is available as hosted and self-hosted, which can execute in any environment. It is excellent in performing vulnerability tasks and accuracy from a third party using automation.

The application uses its security tools to automatically check the threats making it more convenient for the customers. The company comes into existence by late 2009 with a worth of 218 million euros.

CEO: Ferruh Mavituna
Headquarters: London
Founded: 2006


Soldo is a multi-user expense account. An online tool helps you tackle your company’s spending by allocating prepaid cards to keep track of your company’s expenditure.

In 2014, the company came into existence with a worth of 186 million euros.

CEO: Carlo Gualandri 
Headquarters: London
Founded: 2014


UK Clouds provides Cloud services to UK migrants as well as the companies associated with it. It offers better digital services to its customers, such as monthly pensions, daily wages to workers. The company got started in 2012 with a worth of 175 million euros.

The companies work in collaboration with Cisco, Microsoft.

CEO: Simon Hansford
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Founded: 2012


Founded in 2010 in an investment of 155 million euros. An automatic investing tool that helps the users flow of cash, processing, collection of money, and generation of invoices and receipts.

It also enables users to generate foreign currencies and other complicated transactions for various accountants and bookkeepers.

CEO: Adrian Blair 
Headquarters: London
Founded: 2010


Currency cloud offers cloud storage to its customers to manipulate their data. It also enables the flow of foreign currency quickly and conveniently.

With this tool, you need not build your payment infrastructure for paying lengthy bills and international payments.

CEO: Mike Laven
Headquarters: London
Founded: 2007

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