Top 10 Saas companies in the United Kingdom to follow in 2020

Software-as-a-service or SaaS is the largest and fastest-growing business in the world. This service uses a subscription-based software to provide services remotely. 

Since the UK is now becoming a hotspot for many international investments let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest-growing SaaS companies in the UK.

1. Improbable

Founded in 2012 by Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead, Improbable proves to be “THE” tech giant in the gaming world from UK. This company helps its users create mind-bending AI simulated worlds with ease. 

Their games prove to be changing the way users are interacting with today’s computers, making more than just racing games, they create experiences that users can never find anywhere else. 

Value: £1.6 billion

2. Rapyd

Rapyd this is the largest growing UK saas company in the world making money managing easy for its global customers. Founded in 2016, this company enables its users to transfer money all across the world without worrying about currency rates. 

This also provides services such as issuing credit and debit cards, e-wallet, KYC, and share marketing without having to look out for the global currency rates. 

Value: £312 million

3. VE Global

VE Global is an eCommerce business found in 2009. It is a B2B company enabling its customers to optimize their marketing spend. They provide services like digital advertising, digital assistant, and remarketing.

They claim to provide an online personalized experience for each and every customer, and their clients a growth of 22% in their consumers, which is a really great number to consider while looking for a company like this.  

Its customers include enormous Tech giants like HP. 

Value: £300 million

4. Behavox

Founded in 2014, Behavox is a data analytics company that uses AI to analyze data and provide meaningful insights into it. By providing the most secure analytics of their client’s data, it sure deserves the name “peoples analytics.”

The company boasts about its ability to relate apparently irrelevant data to help the financial organizations find rogue traders. This company uses huge data to jump into a conclusion. So, it is safe to say we can trust their results.

Value: £218 million

5. Snyk

Founded in 2015, Snyk became the fastest-growing cybersecurity company by having over 300,000 clients in just two years. Snyk boasts about providing top-notch security to your data and detecting any third party software that can tamper with your security. This company uses personalized developer-first tooling to help enable its customers to get top-notch security according to their concerns.

Its clients include tech giants like Google.

Value: £218 million

6. Netsparker

Founded in 2009, Netsparker holds its number one spot in the top data collecting companies. It uses Proof-Based-Scanning technology to emit any false positives from the data collected, so the company’s top priority is in check.

Value: £218 million

7. Soldo

Wanna manage your company’s expenses for the lowest cost? Soldo is the way to go, offering services starting from just 7 pounds. Found in 2014, this company proves itself in every aspect of the financial management sector. 

Its pricing starts from as low as five euros for a single customer, which, is a very good deal considering the service they provide.

Value: £186 million

8. UKCloud

Founded in 2012, UK Cloud achieved just what it wanted in just 6 years, to provide a cloud-based help for public UK organizations, so they can work remotely at ease. Now, this cloud-based company handles deals with companies like Microsoft. 

Value: £175 million

9. Receipt Bank

Founded in 2010, Receipt Bank became a heaven’s place for accountants who need to digitalize and organize their accounts and services. This company provides its users with services such as planning, organizing, and prioritizing their material in no time. 

Value:  £155 million

10. Currencycloud

Founded in 2012, this company also provides its users the ease of global money transfer without having to go through the complexities of foreign money exchange so that its customers can transfer money overseas with ease.

Value: £128 million

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